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Word Example of - exterminate

    Example Sentences for exterminate

    The following summer witnessed the most desperate attempt of all to exterminate the inmates of at least one of the Legations.

    He has his points, yet he's a pest, indeed; I would we could exterminate the breed.

    They had determined to exterminate them in an execrable horrible way—by poison!

    This was not only expensive; half the time it failed to exterminate the pest.

    "We did not exterminate the inhabitants of India," said Harold Smith, angrily.

    If at the price of my life I could exterminate every living thing that is Prussian I should do it.

    The followers of each faith sought to either conquer or exterminate the other.

    Montrevel only redoubled his efforts to exterminate the Camisards.

    With the cool acerbity of a stoic, he resolved to exterminate the obnoxious doctrines.

    It was believed that he had sworn to exterminate "those of the religion."

Word Origin & History of - exterminate

    Word Origin & History

    exterminate 1540s, from L. exterminare "drive out, expel," also, in L.L. "destroy," from phrase ex termine "beyond the boundary," from ex- "out of" + termine, abl. of termen "boundary, limit, end." Related: Exterminated; exterminating; exterminator.

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