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Word Example of - extinction

    Example Sentences for extinction

    The extinction of Indian claims by a cession of territory to the king, was necessary to the safety of the advancing settlers.

    It seemed incredible to him that this that came was extinction.

    And then night and extinction--nothing but a silent mass of impenetrable vapour hiding its dead.

    The machines had begun to break down—we were headed for extinction!

    Its failure in this led to its extinction, for it was unable to escape from its arch-enemy man.

    The fur seal has thus been so reduced in numbers that it was threatened with extinction.

    As it will never appear till after my extinction, it would be but fair she should see it; that is to say, herself willing.

    Whom It quickens, let them darkle to extinction swift and sure.

    This picture will do to put before the Indian's history, that is, the history of his extinction.

    This annihilation of the past does not mean the extinction of memory or the extinction of hope.

Word Origin & History of - extinction

    Word Origin & History

    extinction late 15c., from L. extinctionem/exstinctionem, noun of action from extinguere/exstinguere (see extinguish). Originally of fires, lights; figurative use, of wiping out a material thing (a debt, a person, a family, etc.) from early 17c.; of species from 1880.

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