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Word Example of - extinguish

    Example Sentences for extinguish

    It is an instinct, and you can no more repress it than you can extinguish thought.

    Little hope remained of their being able to extinguish the flames.

    The transportation of John Mitchell did not extinguish the zeal of the insurgent press.

    The English horse arrived just in time to extinguish the flames.

    The building was by this time all in flames, and though many men had assembled they made no effort to extinguish the fire.

    With new fashions, they extinguish the author and her companion.

    No amount of depravity could extinguish his hope of reform; no recurrence of ingratitude could paralyze his efforts.

    In a fur coat which seemed to extinguish his thin form, Joe Pillin entered.

    In vain was any effort to extinguish the swiftly devouring flames.

    What discipline was meant to extinguish, it blew into a flame.

Word Origin & History of - extinguish

    Word Origin & History

    extinguish c.1500 (implied in extinguishable), from L. extinguere "quench, wipe out, obliterate," from ex- "out" + stinguere "quench," from PIE *steig- "to prick, stick, pierce." Related: Extinguished; extinguisher.

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