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Word Example of - extirpate

    Example Sentences for extirpate

    Without irreparable injury to ourselves we cannot attempt to eradicate it or extirpate it.

    The gentry want to extirpate us by means of poison, we will extirpate them with fire and sword.

    He had become a wild beast, whom it was honourable to hunt down, a pest which it was righteous to extirpate.

    Many causes have combined to extirpate the shy and spirited fish.

    As a good son of the Church I am bound to extirpate that most pernicious root of heresy from all German lands.

    We demoralize and we extirpate, but we never really civilize.

    Is it you, holy men, who have come to extirpate heresy in Albigeois?

    Fire, avalanches, famine, and disease all did their best to extirpate the brotherhood.

    Before the arrival of Alva, ‘Philip's commands to Margaret were imperative, to use her utmost efforts to extirpate the heretics.’

    What will be a wholesome remedy to extirpate the pest of these witches.

Word Origin & History of - extirpate

    Word Origin & History

    extirpate 1530s, usually figurative, from L. extirpat-/exstirpat-, pp. stem of extirpare/exstirpare (see extirpation). Related: Extirpated; extirpating.

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