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Word Example of - extraction

    Example Sentences for extraction

    His wife, a French woman of Irish extraction, brought a cultivated taste to his aid.

    She stated that she had not felt the extraction of the tooth, but she had heard it.

    What blood appeared was old, the surgeons averred, and malodorous, and flowed after the extraction of the sword.

    In the tenth century his extraction is of little consequence.

    His father was a man of unmingled African extraction and his mother a white woman of respectable New England ancestry.

    After its extraction, it is coagulated by the heat in the water.

    Toye, however, prepared to talk to him like an American uncle of Dutch extraction.

    Like all persons of this extraction, she was thoroughly selfish.

    His companion was a young girl of French extraction, named Marie Larivire.

    The extraction of gold from auriferous rock is also known to the natives.

Word Origin & History of - extraction

    Word Origin & History

    extraction late 15c., Fr. extraction, from M.L. extractionem, noun of action from L. extrahere (see extract (v.)).

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