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Word Example of - extreme

    Example Sentences for extreme

    The consciousness of recent misconduct filled her with extreme dread.

    The Dean took his bridge seriously and with extreme deliberation.

    The crowd, we soon discovered, was bourgeois in the extreme.

    The flesh of the buffalo, especially that of the cow, is juicy, and tender in the extreme.

    My own position at this period was embarrassing in the extreme.

    She had seams like the wrinkles in the parchment skin of extreme old age.

    The exterior of the basilicas was usually of an extreme plainness.

    He paced the pilot-house at the extreme rear, puffing his cigar.

    When Juve had gone, M. Vicart realized a sense of extreme uneasiness.

    These extreme cases when they occur, however, must be dealt with bravely.

Word Origin & History of - extreme

    Word Origin & History

    extreme mid-15c., from L. extremus "outermost, utmost," superlative of exterus (see exterior). In English as in Latin, not always felt as a superlative, hence more extreme, most extreme (which were condemned by Johnson). The noun is first recorded 1540s, originally of the end of life, cf. Latin in extremis. Extreme unction preserves the sense of last, latest (15c.). As a noun, c.1600, in in the extreme, etc. Extremes opposite ends of anything is from 1550s.

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