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Word Example of - extremely

    Example Sentences for extremely

    Your observations on the branchiae and heart have interested me extremely.

    Nancy found it extremely difficult to get just the right tone.

    The operation was extremely rare and interesting, and Austin's skill was superb.

    It grieved him extremely to have to say this to his wife in the very first year of their marriage.

    The terms proposed by General Duquesne were extremely liberal.

    The Deerbrook people are apt to be extremely angry when they are angry at all.

    Some time earlier, the troupe had been extremely well-to-do and popular in Italy.

    They were extremely anxious to carry Hester, Margaret, and the baby, with them.

    Statues in the full round are extremely rare, and the few known are nearly as similar to each other as are those of Egypt.

    The reception which awaited him in England was at first extremely cold.

Word Origin & History of - extremely

    Word Origin & History

    extremely 1530s, from extreme. Originally "with great severity," late more loosely, "in extreme degree" (1570s).

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