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Word Example of - fables

    Example Sentences for fables

    As far as possible, avoid comment or commendation until all the fables have been given.

    His fables are generally stale, and, therefore, excite no curiosity.

    Ludwig Meyer von Knonau, a country magnate, was a poet and a painter, and wrote "Fables."

    To find her match, we shall have to go to the fables that are told about the Amazons.

    This inferiority of some to others is sufficiently accounted for in the history of the origin and descent of these fables.

    All that is best in the genius of La Fontaine may be found in his Fables.

    Had they been true stories, Tomkin's master would, and reasonably, have been still more angry than at the fables.

    Now, no one person is the author of the Fables we know so well.

    History, says Sainte-Beuve, is in great part a set of fables which people agree to believe in.

    It may be carried too far, and the fables of the vulgar have often a stratum of truth at the bottom.

Word Origin & History of - fables

    Word Origin & History

    fable c.1300, from O.Fr. fable, from L. fabula "story, play, fable," lit. "that which is told," from fari "speak, tell," from PIE base *bha- "speak" (see fame). Sense of "animal story" comes from Aesop. In modern folklore terms, defined as "a short, comic tale making a moral point about human nature, usually through animal characters behaving in human ways." Most trace to Greece or India.

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