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Word Example of - fabricate

    Example Sentences for fabricate

    What motive had Mr. Norton at that time to fabricate this statement?

    Of course he was compelled to fabricate a statement in reply.

    It is a thing which we have not to conceive of, fabricate, or build up in our minds.

    That the spy will fabricate his information is a mere commonplace.

    Of the hinder part of their horse skins they fabricate excellent sandals.

    Who forged the lie could fabricate this too:— But hold, it is ingeniously done.

    He then demanded, what length of time I should need to fabricate another such head ornament?

    The capacity to build a fire and fabricate clothing is given only to man.

    Galusha was at that moment endeavoring to fabricate a story of his own, one which he might tell Miss Phipps.

    Verrinder left the physician to fabricate and promulgate the story and keep him out of it.

Word Origin & History of - fabricate

    Word Origin & History

    fabricate mid-15c., from L. fabricatus, pp. of fabricare "to fashion, build," from fabrica (see fabric). In bad sense of "to tell a lie," etc., it is first recorded 1779. Related: Fabricated; fabricating.

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