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Word Example of - fabrication

    Example Sentences for fabrication

    The examination of the coins of Gaulish fabrication is equally important.

    But what was Cromwell's motive in the fabrication of this Insurrection of March, 1655?

    The bark alone of this plant is used by the manufacturing perfumer, and that only in the fabrication of pastilles.

    He was in no way imposed upon by the breadth of the fabrication.

    Who knows if nature is not a laboratory for the fabrication of thinking beings who are ultimately to become free creatures?

    His factory employed a couple of hundred men in the fabrication of hogsheads.

    We have said that intelligence is modeled on matter and that it aims in the first place at fabrication.

    Next day St. Elgiva's was given up to the fabrication of costumes.

    For the rest, there is proof that the first sentence is a fabrication.

    Was his whole story a fabrication, and was there some complicity between the two?

Word Origin & History of - fabrication

    Word Origin & History

    fabrication c.1500, manufacturing, from L. fabricationem, noun of action from fabricare (see fabricate). Meaning lying, falsehood, forgery is from late 18c.

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