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Word Example of - fabricator

    Example Sentences for fabricator

    What puzzled Philip was that this fabricator of "stories" for the newspaper should call himself a "realist."

    Would a symbolist then signify a fabricator of masterpieces?

    The man is great in his own eyes—this scrutinizer of Majesty and fabricator of heresies.

    Smith's versatility as a fabricator seems to give him a leading place in that respect in the record of mankind.

    Nevertheless, there was something taking, to my imagination, in the notion of being the fabricator of my own fortune.

    To test the value of the advice given him, the Duke had the wig put upon the head of its fabricator.

    On we went again, with that fabricator calling out from Betty's back, "Sho' to find finest water in the land five miles on!"

    Hume was not, indeed, himself the fabricator of the tale; but he had not any historical authority.

    Her character, whether drawn by herself or some fabricator who wrote in her name, comes out clearly in the correspondence.

    The God Faraki, whom we worship, is so called from a word which signifies the fabricator.

Word Origin & History of - fabricator

    Word Origin & History

    fabricate mid-15c., from L. fabricatus, pp. of fabricare "to fashion, build," from fabrica (see fabric). In bad sense of "to tell a lie," etc., it is first recorded 1779. Related: Fabricated; fabricating.

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