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The Synonym of - fabrics (noun)

Word Example of - fabrics

    Example Sentences for fabrics

    Under this name are classed a large number of fabrics of twill construction.

    Kazak fabrics are usually the sleeping-blankets of the Kazak (Cossack) rough-riders.

    Procure samples of fabrics showing good and faulty ornamentation.

    They reared the fabrics of government, which have no model on the face of the globe.

    Fabrics became somber in color and unpretentious in texture.

    Pottery is the most durable of fabrics so long as it is not broken.

    The black chintzes are reproductions of fabrics that were in vogue in 1830.

    Many of their fabrics had rare excellence in the eyes of the Spaniards.

    In France, and Italy, and Germany, the fabrics had in many places been allowed to fall into ruin.

    See the pattern of the fabrics worn by the personages of high estate.

Word Origin & History of - fabrics

    Word Origin & History

    fabric late 15c., "building, thing made," from M.Fr. fabrique, from L. fabrica "workshop," from faber "artisan who works in hard materials." Sense evolved via "manufactured material" (1753) to "textile" (1791).

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