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Word Example of - fabulous

    Example Sentences for fabulous

    Zan explained that Mr. Hamilton had thorough-bred dogs that he showed at exhibitions or sold for fabulous prices to dog-fanciers.

    It is the same with the fabulous travels of Jean de Mandeville.

    From the threaded ruddy ore of her hair rose a perfume like the fabulous myrrhs of Olympus.

    For an account of all these fabulous islands see Winsor, Narr.

    Some people didn't go without clothes so readily; they were forever making use of that fabulous thing—credit!

    Nobody knows how much he brought: but the accounts are fabulous.

    When I received my despatches I could have fancied I was reading a fabulous narrative.

    He set his faith too lightly on the fabulous ores of Chaunis Temotam.

    The elder poets have, as usual with them, turned into a moralisation this fabulous bit of natural history.

    China was a fabulous country, therefore he compared Virginia with it.

Word Origin & History of - fabulous

    Word Origin & History

    fabulous early 15c., from L. fabulosus "celebrated in fable," from fabula (see fable). From "mythical," sense of "incredible" first recorded c.1600. Slang shortening fab first recorded 1957; popularized in reference to The Beatles, c.1963."Fabulous (often contracted to fab(s)) and fantastic are also in that long list of words which boys and girls use for a time to express high commendation and then get tired of, such as, to go no farther back than the present century, topping, spiffing, ripping, wizard, super, posh, smashing." [Fowler, 1965]

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