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Word Example of - facet

    Example Sentences for facet

    Every facet of the sprawling IC operation was being checked.

    They were on a facet of the hill not quite so advantageous as others.

    It is a facet of what we called earlier the philosophical source of pollution.

    In the larger and older jewels every facet may stand for a bloody deed.

    The facet cutting on the long "reflectors" is particularly fine and interesting.

    There was no facet of that retort that escaped Ruth's critical notice.

    The effect produced by this face might be compared to that of a prism, every facet of which reflects a different color.

    Every facet has a similar figure, though no two are identical.

    Only by thus knowing every facet of his ability could he do what had to be done in his new task.

    There are twenty-four laboratories working full time on that facet and God knows how many more working part time like we are.

Word Origin & History of - facet

    Word Origin & History

    facet 1620s, from Fr. facette, from O.Fr., dim. of face (see face). The diamond-cutting sense is the original one. Related: Faceted; facets.