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Word Example of - facial

    Example Sentences for facial

    But all the musical, ocular, and facial beauties are absent from writing.

    Joe Mauser's facial expression indicated that he had expected this.

    The original sketch is a slight outline study in pen-and-ink of the figures only, the facial expressions being cleverly rendered.

    The Surgeon's facial muscles were too well trained to feel any strain.

    The gestures, the sudden change of position, and the facial expression reveal the innermost soul of each disciple.

    He is slightly Mongolian in his complexion and facial expression.

    In some not especially intelligent South American monkeys the facial angle amounts to about sixty-five degrees.

    He saw now that, she bore some facial resemblance to Miss Squibb.

    Darwin showed that various human gestures and facial expressions have their counterparts in monkeys.

    He spent a whole evening measuring this imbecile's facial angle.

Word Origin & History of - facial

    Word Origin & History

    facial c.1600, from Fr. facial, from M.L. facialis of the face, from facies (see face (n.)). The noun meaning beauty treatment for the face is from 1914.