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Word Example of - facile

    Example Sentences for facile

    In all such bush-craft as this Ted was facile princeps, and he asked no better employment.

    They are not facile at expression, these same men of the soil.

    Far better the blithe modern pagan in his white tie and evening clothes, and his facile philosophy.

    Little you know, my cockerel, how facile a brain your 'bus so lightly bears.

    His facility was great, and he had the faults of a facile writer, who started on his career at the age of nineteen.

    She was a facile designer, but her manner was chronically weak.

    This is done in order to disarm suspicion: facile descensus Averniā€”sed revocare gradum!

    Consequently the poisoners of the wells of truth had a facile task.

    The brain-fever bird or hawk cuckoo (Hierococcyx varius) is facile princeps.

    And yet, how could one consider these trivial, facile French phrases private?

Word Origin & History of - facile

    Word Origin & History

    facile late 15c., from M.Fr. facile "easy," from L. facilis "easy to do" and, of persons, "pliant, courteous," from facere "to do" (see factitious). Facilitate is from 1610s.