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Word Example of - facilely

    Example Sentences for facilely

    Changeability is attributed to the feminine, but Maya was not able to shift her mood as facilely as her fiance.

    She had been willing to be lightly, facilely happy over it like other people.

    Her father hadn't been the happy, satisfied, facilely successful person he was supposed to be.

    Milly's indifference argued in her a difference from most women, facilely contented as they usually seemed.

    And, like all popular ideas, it is unthinkingly accepted and facilely claimed.

Word Origin & History of - facilely

    Word Origin & History

    facile late 15c., from M.Fr. facile "easy," from L. facilis "easy to do" and, of persons, "pliant, courteous," from facere "to do" (see factitious). Facilitate is from 1610s.