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Word Example of - facilitate

    Example Sentences for facilitate

    The work of retouching requires certain appliances to facilitate it, and its own special room or atelier.

    To facilitate lifting the columns from the molding bed a 1½-in.

    So as to facilitate the work, the strip is at once curved to the rounding of the back.

    Can you not, occasionally at least, facilitate her attendance at church?

    Here he was able to maintain a few poor scholars of theology and to facilitate their studies.

    The adoption of a tramroad, it is true, had tended to facilitate their transit.

    To facilitate the reading of this, and other compound derivatives, a capital letter is placed at the head of syllables.

    Where properly distributed, they may facilitate the quarrying of the stone.

    This upper internode is left partly to protect the upper bud, but principally to facilitate tying.

    So every one assisted with the dinner to facilitate the eating of it.

Word Origin & History of - facilitate

    Word Origin & History

    facilitate 1610s, from Fr. faciliter "to render easy," from L. facilis "easy" (see facile). Related: Facilitated; facilitates; facilitating