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Word Example of - facilitated

    Example Sentences for facilitated

    Their designs were facilitated by the circumstance that Turkey had abstained from sending troops into the province.

    Vomiting is facilitated when children are raised or placed on their side.

    Thus it facilitated the separation of the harpoon head from the unang.

    With some people the digestion is facilitated by hearing music.

    The correct position is facilitated when one taking breath through the mouth acts as if about to yawn.

    The operation is facilitated mechanically by the method of slips.

    In this case, the function of those who had to value stockholdings would be facilitated.

    The passage of Whinny-moor or its equivalent is facilitated by Hell-shoon.

    By aid of the map which accompanies the present volume either planning or reference will now be facilitated.

    His plans were facilitated by the news which arrived from Paris.

Word Origin & History of - facilitated

    Word Origin & History

    facilitate 1610s, from Fr. faciliter "to render easy," from L. facilis "easy" (see facile). Related: Facilitated; facilitates; facilitating

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