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Word Example of - facilitates

    Example Sentences for facilitates

    I believe in pruning out all watersprouts and crossing branches; it facilitates gathering and the fruit colors better.

    This also facilitates the floating and transportation of the nut in the sea.

    It facilitates the game if the end of each court may be a wall or fence, and thus make sort of a backstop behind the goal.

    This facilitates observation, but it also assists the poacher in his silent trade.

    In its administration it facilitates its daily work among men.

    The corn should be thoroughly drained as this facilitates drying.

    It must not be forgotten that all classification is artificial and arbitrary, and only to be used as long as it facilitates study.

    Their shape also facilitates alteration of position of the parent bird to secure an equal distribution of warmth and ventilation.

    The conical shape of the tree also facilitates this action of dislodging the snow.

    Is it true that a crown is the principle which causes the production of all the objects whose exchange it facilitates?

Word Origin & History of - facilitates

    Word Origin & History

    facilitate 1610s, from Fr. faciliter "to render easy," from L. facilis "easy" (see facile). Related: Facilitated; facilitates; facilitating