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Word Example of - facilitating

    Example Sentences for facilitating

    Would it be better if they were formed early as a means of facilitating knowledge of decimal fractions?

    To these proposals we cheerfully acceded, in hopes of facilitating our deliverance.

    The up-river resident believes the solution of the problem will be found in facilitating the passage of the flood by his district.

    But remember, in facilitating your access to the regent, I become your accomplice.

    Market interaction is what defines human beings, facilitating the establishment of a framework of existence that includes others.

    He made no suggestions for facilitating or systematizing the work, nor would he listen to any.

    But by way of facilitating the start, Millard held out to Philip a bronze tray containing some cigars.

    Let us thank him for facilitating the milk, and dismiss him.

    Soul, departing in a dream, I. 231; facilitating departure of, II.

    It is used only in facilitating the acquisition of the language, not as an end in itself.

Word Origin & History of - facilitating

    Word Origin & History

    facilitate 1610s, from Fr. faciliter "to render easy," from L. facilis "easy" (see facile). Related: Facilitated; facilitates; facilitating