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Word Example of - facilities

    Example Sentences for facilities

    It is considered that with facilities for irrigation Andalusia could produce 150,000 bales annually.

    I have no facilities for influencing other people,' and so on.

    Much benefit may be derived from hot application to the sides of the chest if the facilities are at hand to apply them.

    That was one advantage in a fracas held in an area where there were plenty of facilities.

    With increased production we will have an increase in the facilities for utilising the fruit.

    The facilities afforded by railways are altogether innumerable.

    Innovations in facilities and techniques helped to alter the character of swimming.

    It's up to you to do this thing just as if you had all the facilities.

    The mail-coach, moreover, apart from the facilities it afforded for communication, brought traffic in its train.

    Until 1850, the facilities for education in Toledo were all in the future.

Word Origin & History of - facilities

    Word Origin & History

    facilities opportunities, 1809, pl. of facility. Sense of physical means of doing something is from 1872.