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Word Example of - facility

    Example Sentences for facility

    It is the Best instance on record of the facility with which success may be won by patient and intelligent industry.

    But in pine, it is not beauty, but facility of working, which is the great object.

    It is only strict precision of thought that confers 25 facility of expression.

    Common hives give no facility for learning the bee's habits.

    We have every facility for keeping warm, although if this atrocious weather continues we shall have to lay in more coal.

    It was amazing to see the facility with which Oku altered his plans.

    Under the increased security and facility which these measures afforded, the fur-trade received a great impulse.

    I therefore gave every facility and encouragement to both of them.

    His facility was great, and he had the faults of a facile writer, who started on his career at the age of nineteen.

    Its facility induces the population to live beyond its means.

Word Origin & History of - facility

    Word Origin & History

    facility early 15c., from M.Fr. facilité, from L. facilitatem, from facilis "easy" (see facile). Its sense in English moved from "genteelness" to "opportunity" (1510s), to "aptitude, ease" (1530s). Meaning "place for doing something," which makes the word so beloved of journalists and fuzzy writers, first recorded 1872.

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