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The Synonym of - facing (adjective)

Word Example of - facing

    Example Sentences for facing

    At first he thought of turning round and facing the man sharply.

    He dropped his oars and sprang to his feet, facing his enemies.

    So might he have looked as he stood in Khartoum facing death.

    He walked for an hour facing the wind, not knowing or caring where it might lead.

    She slowly rose at this, facing him with an aspect as handsomely mild as his own.

    This camp was on the eastern side of the river, facing the majestic stream and the splendors of the setting sun.

    That cabin is mine,' said he, pointing, 'and the one facing it is Mr. Jones's.

    Then she settled herself with her back against a tree, facing her new friend.

    Wilbur caught his breath as the two stood there facing each other, so sharp was the contrast.

    The two sets of bandsmen were facing each other on the road.

Word Origin & History of - facing

    Word Origin & History

    face late 13c., from O.Fr. face, from V.L. *facia, from L. facies "appearance, form, figure," and secondarily "visage, countenance;" probably related to facere "to make" (see factitious). Replaced O.E. andwlita. To face (v.) "confront" is first recorded mid-15c. Related: Faced. Facing front or outer part of a wall, building, etc., is from 1823. To lose face (or save face), 1876, is said to be from Chinese tu lien; to face the music is theatrical. Face value was originally (1878) of bank notes, postage stamps, etc.