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What is a better word for facsimile? What's another word for facsimile? What are 5 "facsimile synonyms"? How can I replace the word facsimile? What is the meaning of facsimile in English?

Word Example of - facsimile

    Example Sentences for facsimile

    At 5.30 he got his evening meal, he called it his tea, and it was little more than a facsimile of breakfast.

    The Bailiff of Guernsey still uses a facsimile of the original seal.

    See Introduction to Sommer's facsimile of the first edition, 1891.

    It was written in Hebrew, and a facsimile of the knife was drawn on it.

    Herewith are presented the text of their defense of England and their autograph signatures in facsimile.

    The quarto was genuine in every respect, but it was a facsimile!

    It didn't take long for the facsimile records to arrive, and Malone went right to work on them.

    A facsimile of a key might be quite useless; a duplicate will open the lock.

    The present facsimile is made from a copy owned by Louis I. Bredvold, with his kind permission.

    Did you see the Monitor last night and that facsimile they gave away with it?

Word Origin & History of - facsimile

    Word Origin & History

    facsimile 1660s, from L. fac simile "make similar," from fac imperative of facere "to make" (see factitious) + simile, neut. of similis "like, similar."