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Word Example of - factor

    Example Sentences for factor

    The manhood of Albert Evan had become a factor in the drama.

    The wheat-crop of the Pacific coast has usually been a factor by itself.

    The factor was sitting up in bed, looking very white and worn and troubled.

    Only one factor in the case had come upon him as a surprise.

    In no case can they be attributed exclusively to one factor.

    Ah, well, we must each have some factor to make for validity of existence, eh?

    This former distinction does recognize one factor which is sometimes classed as "dynamic," namely, "friction."

    The factor of industrial 118 unrest and discontent is apt to be less menacing.

    Curiosity as a factor has never, perhaps, been given its proper weight by philosophers.

    The limits of collective bargaining as a factor in industrial peace.

Word Origin & History of - factor

    Word Origin & History

    factor early 15c., "agent, deputy," from M.Fr. facteur "agent, representative," from L. factor "doer or maker," from facere "to do" (see factitious). Sense of "circumstance producing a result" is from 1816; the v. use in mathematics is attested from 1837. Related: Factored; factoring.

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