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What is a better word for factotum? What's another word for factotum? What are 5 "factotum synonyms"? How can I replace the word factotum? What is the meaning of factotum in English?

Word Example of - factotum

    Example Sentences for factotum

    He had a factotum named Charley Breen who was his valet, cook, hostler and assistant surveyor.

    He was her factotum, in whom she had greater faith than in any member of her household.

    Ted cried, when my father, with some circumlocutionary hesitancy and great delicacy, conveyed his decision to our factotum.

    Entering the ground, he was confronted by his factotum, the Italian, Silvio.

    I hired a Greek servant, whom I intended should serve as interpreter and factotum.

    Bonhomme Michel was the old watchman and factotum of the monastery.

    The instant the factotum had closed the door, Valentin addressed the girl with an entirely new earnestness.

    Everything went smoothly when the factotum was not interfered with.

    For many years Baha acted in Bagdad (1852-67) as factotum for Azal, and acknowledged him as supreme.

    We found him in his library in consultation with his factotum Jahn.

Word Origin & History of - factotum

    Word Origin & History

    factotum 1566, from M.L. fac totum "do everything," from fac, imperative of facere "do" (see factitious) + totum "all" (see total).