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Word Example of - factual

    Example Sentences for factual

    I know how little the intellectual and factual content of great poetry has to do with its significance.

    I told you, Brent, there was often a factual basis for fables—remember?

    The last of the internal senses is that of factual memory, the power which retains the judgments made by the faculty preceding.

    They are in great part responsible for the factual matter in this book.

    As Father knew none of these suggestions to have any factual basis whatever his clear little mind was bored by them.

    He'd simply answer the factual truth to the question that had been asked.

    Pure reason is as defective an instrument of knowledge as is factual experience.

    The real story, the absolute, factual truth, without any nonsense.

    Personally I believe that the work of the intermediate grades should be planned to give the pupil this factual basis.

    She doubted if it were fiction; the paragraphs had a solid, factual look.

Word Origin & History of - factual

    Word Origin & History

    factual 1834, from fact on model of actual. Related: Factually.

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