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Word Example of - fade

    Example Sentences for fade

    They fade irrevocably out of my mind even now while I speak and endeavor to recall them, and recollect myself.

    The Master said, Erst the cold days show how fir and cypress are last to fade.

    These Rings when first polished look very gloriously, but time makes them fade, and turn to a pale yellow.

    As I watched I observed that the discoloration was beginning to fade.

    He was such a colorless nonentity that he simply seemed to fade into the background of the walls once he had made his entrance.

    It was perhaps more of a trickle than a fade, but as a disappearance it was complete.

    He had seen colonial towns spring up and fade away, and knew how the value of land increases.

    The snows of boreal affection did not wither or fade his eternal spring.

    The pale light of the short sunless day was beginning to fade, when a faint far cry arose on the still air.

    Now to some of us the reading of Amadis is not "fade" at all.

Word Origin & History of - fade

    Word Origin & History

    fade early 14c., from O.Fr. fader, from fade "pale, weak, insipid," probably from V.L. *fatidus, some sort of blending of L. fatuus "silly, tasteless" + vapidus "flat, flavorless." Related: Faded; fading.

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