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The Synonym of - fading (verb)

Word Example of - fading

    Example Sentences for fading

    Fortune smiled on him, and the folly of his youth was a fading memory that could never cloud or dim his future.

    Donald watched him in silence as he worked in the fading light.

    In the fading light I could see that the centre was a heavy block of building from which a porch projected.

    The stormy light of the afternoon was fading towards sunset.

    But the days when she could spell omnipotence for him were fading away.

    In presence of the revelations of science this view is fading more and more.

    Jack rang, and they waited in the fading daylight without speaking.

    With his back to the fading light of the window his face was partly in shadow.

    Here I have my books of the Elect, my fading pictures, my treasures of dead civilisation.

    But still very far and faint, and fading like the noises in a dream.

Word Origin & History of - fading

    Word Origin & History

    fade early 14c., from O.Fr. fader, from fade "pale, weak, insipid," probably from V.L. *fatidus, some sort of blending of L. fatuus "silly, tasteless" + vapidus "flat, flavorless." Related: Faded; fading.

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