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Word Example of - fail

    Example Sentences for fail

    Could any woman who knew Petersburg, fail to know Stevan Lallovich?

    And they did not fail to recognize the peril in which they were.

    A clumsy device, but one that does not often fail of its effect.

    It seemed unbelievable that he could fail after all that work!

    This caused our Pilgrims to hasten, that they might not fail to see them.

    Its evil effects are to be found by turning to those who fail to get entrance to it.

    To this Mr. Saving replied, that he would not fail to attend her there.

    But the one thing that must not fail was the perfection of his girl's voice.

    To him they were indeed alive, and he knew when the time came they would not fail him.

    The man-trap which he had set would not now fail through Dea's obstinacy.

Word Origin & History of - fail

    Word Origin & History

    fail early 13c., from O.Fr. faillir "be lacking, miss, not succeed," from V.L. *fallire, from L. fallere "deceive, be lacking or defective." Related: Failed; failing. Replaced O.E. abreoðan. The Anglo-Norm. form, failer, came to be used as a noun, hence failure.

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