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Word Example of - failing

    Example Sentences for failing

    "This is their misfortune or failing, not the fault of the system," returned Ida.

    There is room for two or three, from the Jameses failing us at the last.

    In 1876, he entered the ministry of the Baptist church but on account of failing health was compelled to leave the work.

    When they have absorbed the sauce, complete the cooking with broth or, failing that, with water.

    If I am neglecting my lawful opportunities, if I am failing to see wisely and correctly, I shall be grateful for counsel.

    I'd be failing in my job of work if I didn't make you realize what a perfect ass you are.

    The captains all got a wigging for failing to keep us in hand; but they were powerless.

    There is a terrible panic there, and some of the best firms are failing.

    The shortsightedness of employers in failing to take account of this fact has its humorous side.

    Failing that, I could even go for a long drink of cold water.

Word Origin & History of - failing

    Word Origin & History

    fail early 13c., from O.Fr. faillir "be lacking, miss, not succeed," from V.L. *fallire, from L. fallere "deceive, be lacking or defective." Related: Failed; failing. Replaced O.E. abreoðan. The Anglo-Norm. form, failer, came to be used as a noun, hence failure.

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