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Word Example of - faint

    Example Sentences for faint

    Then a sigh, profound and long, and some faint words which he did not catch.

    With a faint moan he fell senseless into the bottom of his boat.

    Joan strained her ears, only to catch the faint sounds of the night.

    The first faint touch of autumn colour was beginning to illuminate their foliage.

    At the door of his barn I paused and, not without some faint feeling of fear, knocked.

    In imagination she detected a faint odor like that from her mother's medicine-closet.

    Therefore, the morning found me feverish in body and faint in spirit.

    Pretty soon he rose and said he was faint, but guessed he was all right.

    “No one knows I am here,” Ruth said in a faint voice, with an appealing smile.

    “Christians are not all alike,” said Belasez with a faint smile.

Word Origin & History of - faint

    Word Origin & History of - faint

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