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What is a better word for fair? What's another word for fair? What are 5 "fair synonyms"? How can I replace the word fair? What is the meaning of fair in English?

Word Example of - fair

    Example Sentences for fair

    She was terrible as an army with banners; fair as the sea or the sunset.

    But it was as fair for one as the other, and the Americans tore their way through and sped on.

    But to-day is perfect, and to-night will be fair with the moon at its full.

    "Forgive me, Captain Alick; I did not mean it," replied the fair maiden.

    I don't want to lose my job, not yet, before I've seen half the Fair.'

    You've won her fair and square, and you're going to have her.

    I come,' will I say, 'to vindicate the fair fame of one who once owned your affection.

    Just before sunset, a fair creature, clothed in white, came into the garden.

    "This is life," remarked the young man to his fair neighbor.

    Lor' bless you, Mr. Pash, so long as the will's tight and fair what do it matter?

Word Origin & History of - fair

    Word Origin & History

    fair O.E. fæger "beautiful, pleasant," from P.Gmc. *fagraz (cf. O.N. fagr, O.H.G. fagar "beautiful," Goth. fagrs "fit"), from PIE *fag-. The meaning in reference to weather (c.1200) preserves the original sense (opposed to foul). Sense of "light complexioned" (1550s) reflects tastes in beauty; sense of "free from bias" (mid-14c.) evolved from another early meaning, "morally pure, unblemished" (late 12c.). The sporting senses (fair ball, fair catch etc.) began in 1856. Fair play is from 1590s; fair and square is from c.1600. Fair-haired in the figurative sense of "darling, favorite" is from ...1909. First record of fair-weather friends is from 1736.