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Word Example of - fairy

    Example Sentences for fairy

    “It seems like a fairy tale, anyway,” said Jessie, wide-eyed and pink-cheeked.

    "Under the touch of 'Fairy Fingers,'" returned Maurice, admiringly.

    They might not have made it so easy to find them in their fairy garden as it was now!

    So, as Ozma is a fairy, she may be able to tell you just who has taken your precious dishpan.

    "Oh no," said the fairy, rustling her wings in some displeasure.

    There is something romantic, like a fairy story, in a treasure cave.

    "The old man told me a fairy tale, all right," Benson went on.

    If she was a fairy, she was a fairy all heart, all frank foolish smiles and tears.

    And the Fairy Blackstick said, 'Bless you, my darling children!

    Look in me jacket pocket if you think I'm spinnin' you fairy ones.

Word Origin & History of - fairy

    Word Origin & History

    fairy c.1300, "enchantment, magic," from O.Fr. faerie "land of fairies, meeting of fairies, enchantment, magic," from fae "fay," from L. fata (pl.) "the Fates." In reference to a class of supernatural beings, the word is not used before mid-15c. The slang meaning "effeminate male homosexual" is first recorded 1895. Fairy ring is from 1590s. Fossil sea urchins found on the English downlands were called fairy loaves.