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Word Example of - faithlessness

    Example Sentences for faithlessness

    And each day his resolve never to go near the place again because of the faithlessness of woman, sensibly weakened.

    A moan for her own woe and a cry for the shame and faithlessness of him whom she must love.

    It was the faithlessness of our butcher that disturbed the serenity of my mood this morning.

    Her tears came visibly as she drew a mental picture of his faithlessness.

    What no menaces, no entreaties, no commands of the king could accomplish, your faithlessness effected.

    In spite of his weakness, his neglect, his faithlessness, I cannot bear the thought of losing him.

    He sees the world as a mass of faithlessness, and the weight of it crushes him and makes him sick at heart.

    It was a difficult thing to lead up to her faithlessness tactfully.

    Then coming to, she bemoaned her wretched fate, and wept for my faithlessness.

    Such superstitions are children of the fear and faithlessness which hath torment.

Word Origin & History of - faithlessness

    Word Origin & History of faithlessness

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