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"falling Synonyms"

What is a better word for falling? What's another word for falling? What are 5 "falling synonyms"? How can I replace the word falling? What is the meaning of falling in English?

Word Example of - falling

    Example Sentences for falling

    When the end came it was like falling out of a balcony into the street.

    But as the water was rising instead of falling, I did not feel at all concerned about her situation.

    I remember that it was a cold day for that region, and that snow was falling.

    She dreamed that the tree was falling.71 And then she was sure to wake up with a start.

    The reasons for the falling off of the white vote have already been indicated.

    A great wind was blowing, night was falling, and they saw no shelter near.

    His second opera, Rogneda, is already a falling off from the first.

    Meanwhile her tears were falling like rain, though her lips were shut tight.

    It seemed to him that all his remarks were falling on deaf ears.

    Who would take to help him a man that is no stay in danger and no support in falling?

Word Origin & History of - falling

    Word Origin & History

    falling prp. adj. from fall (v.). Falling star is from 1560s; falling out "disagreement" is from 1560s.