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Word Example of - falling-off

    Example Sentences for falling-off

    The scandalous behaviour of all concerned in Astyanax may well have caused a falling-off in the subscriptions.

    Then there has been a falling-off in the pools of Pierrefonds?

    His last novels, his last short stories, showed no falling-off.

    But surely, when compared with the Cambridge list, a falling-off must be admitted.

    It is explained that the falling-off in the European demand for potted reed birds is responsible for the phenomenon.

    The only thing that is probable is a falling-off, not an advance.

    At the same time a falling-off in the brilliancy of this periodical was perceptible.

    The cause of this falling-off is not far to seek; indeed, has already been hinted at.

    They increased their output of wool and coal—the latter a compensation for the falling-off of the gold.

    However, his coxcombry was a falling-off from early seriousness.

Word Origin & History of - falling-off

    Word Origin & History of - falling-off

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