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Word Example of - falsifier

    Example Sentences for falsifier

    And yet am I not a falsifier and a slanderer of the deepest dye?

    Instead, it is too often a treacherous spy, a maligner and falsifier.

    The writer who does not respect her is a falsifier, and the painter or sculptor who departs from her is a dabbler.

    It is such a mark of truth as no falsifier has power to imitate.

    It is astonishing how fully Providence sometimes squares accounts with the falsifier.

    The man who affirms that they are contented and happy, and do not desire to escape, is either a falsifier or a fool.

    If you were to burn with fire the testament of a dead man, would you not be punished as the falsifier of a will?

    The courts cannot protect from its venom, and to kill a defamer and a falsifier is not yet adjudged as legalized slaughter.

Word Origin & History of - falsifier

    Word Origin & History

    falsify mid-15c., "to prove false," from Fr. falsifier, from L.L. falsificare, from L. falsificus "making false," from falsus (see false). Related: Falsified; falsifying. Meaning "to make false" is from c.1500.

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