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Word Example of - falsify

    Example Sentences for falsify

    Still she will be deceived, for you will falsify your looks.

    What motive could any of us have had to mislead or falsify the history of the war.

    Two chief causes tend to falsify the measurements in wet meters: evaporation of the water, the failure to have the meter level.

    To ignore it, and it is too commonly ignored, is to falsify every issue.

    Tyre will never rise from her dust to falsify the voice of prophecy.

    But we must not falsify observation to avoid theoretical difficulties.

    My truth loving nature could never be subjected to falsify itself—I must and shall be honest and truthful.

    But it is not worth while trying to make him falsify my character.

    All the teachings of the Koran and the history of the early spread of Islam falsify such an idea.

    Stained-glass windows have their use, but they falsify the daylight.

Word Origin & History of - falsify

    Word Origin & History

    falsify mid-15c., "to prove false," from Fr. falsifier, from L.L. falsificare, from L. falsificus "making false," from falsus (see false). Related: Falsified; falsifying. Meaning "to make false" is from c.1500.

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