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Word Example of - faltering

    Example Sentences for faltering

    With the truly brave there can be no faltering then, in the face of danger.

    She told him in a faltering voice where she sat, and he passed out.

    “For the present then I will say we quarreled, and that she left me,” he said in a faltering voice.

    There was no faltering in any part of the line or on any side of the square.

    Then the faltering fingers made out to catch hold of my sleeve at last, and I believe he was a-trying to kiss me when he died.

    With feeble, faltering strokes he was coming to the surface.

    He came into Court pale and trembling, with eyes fixed on the ground, and gave his evidence in a faltering voice.

    She made a faltering attempt, but her knees shook under her.

    With a faltering step Captain Ernscliffe advanced and passed through the partly open door.

    This effect is experienced by all; by the energetic and decided as well as by the timid and the faltering.

Word Origin & History of - faltering

    Word Origin & History

    falter mid-14c., possibly from a Scandinavian source, or a frequentative of M.E. falden "to fold," influenced by fault. Related: Faltered; faltering.

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