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The Synonym of - famed (AV )

Word Example of - famed

    Example Sentences for famed

    Here we saw many types of the Yorkshire man, famed for his shrewdness and fondness for what we would call "dickering."

    He's not a song-bird, but he's said to be Famed for his beauty and his Symmetry.

    These are set off by the girdle of the flowering cherry, famed among the ancient seven villages of Iimura.

    Though I knew it not then, it was the famed “snake-root” (Polygala senega).

    Maximilian Hostialick was famed for his learning, piety, and humanity.

    Those large pink and white flowers are the flowers of the famed lotus.

    Stonewall Jackson has always been famed for his peculiarities.

    Had not the Websters always been famed for their business sagacity?

    Although diplomatically reserved and unsociable, he was more popular and famed than he suspected.

    The Marshal of Maine, a corpulent, jolly fellow, famed for humor.

Word Origin & History of - famed

    Word Origin & History

    famed "much talked about," 1530s, pp. adj. from fame.