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What is a better word for familiar? What's another word for familiar? What are 5 "familiar synonyms"? How can I replace the word familiar? What is the meaning of familiar in English?

Word Example of - familiar

    Example Sentences for familiar

    Though not exactly like the others, it had the all too familiar lines.

    Familiar cases of this are furnished by fashions of dress and by slang.

    Nothing about the aspect of the other rooms of the chateau had struck you as familiar?

    They are familiar, unquestioned, popular, and they are always current above their value.

    There is a house there with which I am familiar, and which has two outsets.

    All the emigrants to North America were familiar with the custom.

    The toot of the horn is as familiar to me now as the clatter of shod horses.

    They could not recognize any familiar landmarks to show them their whereabouts.

    The most familiar case of such realities is that of numbers.

    Father Membré, familiar as he was with several Indian dialects, could not speak their language.

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