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Word Example of - family

    Example Sentences for family

    The women would be more closely bound to the family than the men.

    Pen and I would have raised a family and I'd have had no time to think of you.

    A tumbler had no business with a family, but what was a man going to do?

    They put him to shame with the nation and in the privacy of his own family.

    After a death the friends of the family should call in person inside of a month.

    What, not to make your family, man and provide for your children?

    Sometimes they sent a wagon into the city for Frederick Douglass and his family.

    Must the family of the Plyants be utterly extinct for want of issue male?

    He is not married and so cannot plead a wife and family as excuses for getting into debt.

    He has a very good heart, and he is fond of children—and he has no family at all.

Word Origin & History of - family

    Word Origin & History

    family c.1400, "servants of a household," from L. familia "household," including relatives and servants, from famulus "servant," of unknown origin. The classical L. sense recorded in Eng. from 1545; the main modern sense of "those connected by blood" (whether living together or not) is first attested 1667. Replaced O.E. hiwscipe. Buzzword family values first recorded 1966. Phrase in a family way "pregnant" is from 1796. Family circle is 1809; family man, one devoted to wife and children, is 1856 (earlier it meant "thief," 1788, from family in slang sense of "the fraternity of thieves").