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Word Example of - famous

    Example Sentences for famous

    Both Ireland and England are famous for fine dairy products.

    There was a friend of mine who went to visit a famous asylum for the insane.

    The Manifesto of that famous League was dated on the 16th May.

    The other type may be named after Melusina, the famous Countess of Lusignan.

    On his staff there were five famous men, and he had made every one of them.

    They rank with the most famous commanders that ever led armies to victory.

    Finally he murmured, "So now you're goin' to be a famous resort owner?"

    There was placed on exhibition a famous Greek marble, a statue of Aphrodite.

    The most famous of these is the Clover Club at Philadelphia.

    Yet for all that, the hospitality of her little home in Ajaccio was lavish and famous.

Word Origin & History of - famous

    Word Origin & History

    famous late 14c., from Anglo-Fr. famous, from O.Fr. fameus, from L. famosus, from fama (see fame). A native word for this was O.E. namcuð, lit. "name-known." Catch phrase famous last words "remark likely to be proved wrong" is first attested 1948.

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