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What is a better word for fanciful? What's another word for fanciful? What are 5 "fanciful synonyms"? How can I replace the word fanciful? What is the meaning of fanciful in English?

Word Example of - fanciful

    Example Sentences for fanciful

    And here and on this wise let my fanciful tale about letters and teachers of letters come to an end.

    But there were yet other theoretical or fanciful obstacles in the way.

    There is current, in some parts of Germany, a fanciful superstition concerning the Stille Volke, or silent people.

    And then all about were the coconut trees, as fanciful as women, and as vain.

    Fanciful, metaphorical, or far-fetched interpretations are never applied to the words of a will.

    They used nicknames and diminutives, if they were not as fanciful as ours.

    Hallucinations are defined as appearances wholly due to fancy; illusions, as fanciful perceptions of objects actually seen.

    “You are a fanciful child, Molly,” answered the woman, laughing.

    An alliance between Church and State in a Christian commonwealth is, in my opinion, an idle and a fanciful speculation.

    You know 16yourself that Lydia is very romantic and fanciful.

Word Origin & History of - fanciful

    Word Origin & History

    fanciful 1620s, from fancy + -ful. Related: Fancifully.