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The Synonym of - farrow (adjective)

Word Example of - farrow

    Example Sentences for farrow

    Farrow, who had worked twenty-eight years at the Institution, loses no opportunity of sending her cheering news.

    "I'm goin' through this wood first," announced Farrow firmly.

    Farrow looked at me, her face white and her whole attitude one of fright.

    "It will be a bit slow for you," he said, when the Inspector had given Farrow his orders.

    Then the doctor, with an "Allow me," pushed in front of Miss Farrow in order to open wide the heavy padded door.

    Miss Farrow looked at her watch; I dug it as she made the gesture.

    This was the time to get out first and worry about Farrow later.

    You'll find plenty of traces of Miss Farrow's having been there.

    Miss Farrow squeezed my arm gently, letting me know that she was thinking the same general thoughts.

    "It did, Steve," said Farrow, who had been following my mental ramblings.

Word Origin & History of - farrow

    Word Origin & History

    farrow O.E. fearh, from P.Gmc. *farkhaz "young pig" (cf. M.L.G. ferken, Du. varken, both dim.), from PIE *porkos- (see pork). Sense of "a litter of pigs" first recorded 1577.