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Word Example of - fashion

    Example Sentences for fashion

    She had not dared to love Miss Armitage in this fashion in the beginning.

    Such Tramontanæ, and foreigners to the fashion, or anything in practice!

    Is that the force that is to build the future and fashion the city of our dreams?

    The houses are built in Spanish fashion, with a central court-yard.

    How lively and agreeable she is—how much she has the air of a woman of fashion and of the world.

    Such was the method in fashion in our own schools at the time.

    It hath long leves and somthyng of the fashion of the great satyrion.

    The extent to which this may be carried is always controlled by fashion and the mores.

    Besides, it is the fashion to be married in a white dress; especially for maidens like you!

    No fashion was adopted because it would have an indecent effect.

Word Origin & History of - fashion

    Word Origin & History

    fashion c.1300, "shape, manner, mode," from O.Fr. façon, from L. factionem (nom. factio) "group of people acting together," lit. "a making or doing," from facere "to make" (see factitious). Sense of "prevailing custom" is from late 15c.; that of "style of attire" is from 1520s. The verb is first recorded early 15c. Related: Fashioned; fashioning."To call a fashion wearable is the kiss of death. No new fashion worth its salt is wearable." [Eugenia Sheppard, "New York Herald Tribune," Jan. 13, 1960]Fashion plate (1851) originally was "full-page picture in a popular magazine showing the prevailing ...or latest style of dress," in ref. to the "plate" from which it was printed. Transf. sense of "well-dressed person" had emerged by 1920s.

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