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Word Example of - fastener

    Example Sentences for fastener

    A fastener, to be a success, must make a noise in closing; it becomes the signal to the mind that the work is properly done.

    The use of each plate is determined by the type of fastener.

    Adjust the orbit to them as in nature, and that requires no other fastener.

    My hat had gone, and my collar had burst away from its fastener.

    The document is actually a dark brown heavy folder with an Acco fastener.

    In this case no improvement has been made in the English fastener.

    Make hinges for the lid of your box and put some sort of fastener on the front to keep the lid down tight.

    He rushed forward and seized it in his grasp so violently that he knocked it down with its fastener.

    This fastener possesses several advantages over one that is permanently attached to the heel.

    Fasten the sheets together at the top left hand corner with a paper fastener, the pointed ends of the fastener being at the top.

Word Origin & History of - fastener

    Word Origin & History of - fastener

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