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Word Example of - fat

    Example Sentences for fat

    And maybe I didn't live on the fat o' the land with it, for eight weeks!

    The fat and soft parts are eaten because they are the residence of the soul.

    No man is ever too old to look at a woman, and no woman is ever too fat to hope that he will look.

    The flesh is somewhat dry and insipid, and entirely destitute of fat.

    The boys lived on the fat of the land, and at very slight cost.

    A fat beastly Negro swept by encircling the frail figure of a while girl.

    The fat boy gave a grunt, but beyond this there was no sign of life about him.

    "Messer Folco, your servant," he began, in a voice that was as fat as his abdomen.

    "Charles, there's the girl of the punt and her fat white man," it observed.

    Dip the celery in flour and in the paste for frying (No. 58) and fry in fat or oil.

Word Origin & History of - fat

    Word Origin & History

    fat O.E. fætt, originally a contracted pp. of fættian "to cram, stuff," from P.Gmc. *faitaz "fat" (cf. O.N. feitr, Du. vet, Ger. feist), from PIE *poid- "to abound in water, milk, fat, etc." (cf. Gk. piduein "to gush forth"), from base *poi- "sap, juice" (cf. Skt. payate "swells, exuberates," Lith. pienas "milk," Gk. pion "fat, wealthy," L. pinguis "fat"). Fig. sense of "best or most rewarding part" is from 1570; teen slang meaning "attractive, up to date" (also later phat) is attested from 1951. Fat cat "privileged and rich person" is from 1928; fat chance "no chance at all" attested ...from 1906. Fathead is from 1842; fat-witted is from 1596; fatso is first recorded 1944.

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